The Wild Windwards

Traveling by sailboat, the filmmakers encounter the wild inhabitants and spectacular nature of the southeastern Caribbean. They meet nesting leatherback turtles and curious sperm whales and visit tiny hummingbirds in threatened bird sanctuaries.

Director: Thorsten Böhnke

Thorsten Böhnke was born 1969 in Hameln, Lower Saxony. He moved to Kiel in 1995 and studied shipbuilding at the university of applied sciences FH Kiel. He worked in Australia, South Korea and Vietnam, where he made his first prize-winning Film “Nur 20 Tage nach Saigon” (i.e. Only 20 days to Saigon). In 2010 he began working on the independent multi-episode documentary series “Hoch am Wind” (i.e. Close-hauled), in which he visits nature and wildlife conservationists along classic sailing routes. The award-winning first part of the series was screened at the Independent Days Filmfest in Karlsruhe.

67 Min.
Director: Thorsten Böhnke
Script: Thorsten Böhnke und Laura Winter
Cinematography: Thorsten Böhnke
Editing: Thorsten Böhnke
Narrator: Thorsten Böhnke und Laura Winter
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