Today Is The Day

A troupe of intrepid tree-planters confronts environmental vandalism in their backyard.

Director: Bella Cook

‘Better than Mike Productions’ is a group of young women from Hamilton, New Zealand. They are Elizabeth Newton-Jackson, Emma Savage, Hannah Savage, Emily Scrimgeour, Bella Cook, Esther McDowall, Nowshin Humayun, Lauren Empson and Jess Aw. They all share the director’s responsibility by working collaboratively, which informs their creative process. The group began by experimenting with film, spending weekends and spare time making short and predominantly improvised productions.

New Zealand
4 Min.
Director: Bella Cook
Script: Better Than Mike Productions
Cinematography: Better Than Mike Productions
Editing: Better Than Mike Productions
Music: Paul Newton-Jackson and Better Than Mike Productions
Narrator: Paul Newton-Jackson and Better Than Mike Productions
Editor: Face Television
Nominations: Wild Laugh 2014
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