Where the Wind Whispers

The desert is nothing but endless dunes of sand, if you only take a glance. To discover the desert’s marvels you need inquisitive eyes. You should stop and smell the scent of its wild flowers. You should track the stars and the birds, seek out the beasts in their nests, and find streams of water next to streaks of stones. This is the path that we took in the desert, in South Khorasan -- in a region located in eastern Iran, bordering Afghanistan. This documentary is the result of our year-long journey to discover the wonders in the land of whispering sands.

This documentary is the result of our year-long journey to discover the hidden wonders in the land of sands.


Director: Mani Mirsadeghi

Mani Mirsadeghi is a marine biologist and documentary filmmaker who made several films related to wildlife and environmental issues since 1993. His films have been produced with organizations such as UNDP and IRIB, and he has received international awards for his work, among them the Panda Award in Wildscreen 2008 (United Kingdom) and the International Wildlife Film Festival 2007 (United States).
Mani’s approach is to document in his films the purity of the environments and habitats he sees, and his goal is to encourage viewers around the world to take steps to save them. He has traveled extensively around the world, from Antarctica to the North Pole, has made documentaries in Africa and Siberia, and has produced a film about the underwater world of the Oman Sea, as well as numerous films in Iran.
Abi-e-Bidar is a NGO which uses films to increase public awareness for the environment and to show the biodiversity of Iran. The films have been shown at international festivals and are useful for scientists, but more importantly they are used to show the local people the beauty of their environment and why it is necessary to preserve it.
‘Where the Wind Whispers’ followed the sand cat through its dangerous habitat for over a year and introduced the untouched environment of the desert to local people and scientists for the first time.

33 Min.
Director: Mani Mirsadeghi
Script: Saeideh Akhkan
Cinematography: Mani Mirsadeghi
Editing: Behrang Sanjabi
Music: M.Reza Aligholi
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2014
Website URL: www.mirsadeghi.com