Disturbing Neighbours

Among the mountains of the Mediterranean, two couples of birds of prey and one of their potential preys are nesting in the same forest, in an apparently pacific coexistence, when suddenly a new couple of raptors comes to break that delicate equilibrium.

Thus begins a story of a dangerous cohabitation, which tells of how sometimes the evaluation mistakes can result in a tragedy.

A story told with amazing pictures, some of them never filmed before.

Director: Massimo Campora

Nature photographer and ornithologist, he is considered one of the top international experts about the Short-toed eagle's biology. Many of his photos and text have been published on several books and international nature magazines.
From some years now he has also been working as director and filmmaker.

Director: Valter Torri

Born in Italy in 1957, Valter Torri has been in business as computer programmer from 1979 to 2000; from 1988 to 2003 he has been working as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in his own diving centre too; from 2000 to this day he has been exclusively working as underwater and terrestrial photographer and filmmaker. Author of numerous naturalistic documentaries, he has been realizing films which have been broadcasted by various international broadcasters (RAI, Tele +, NDR, Canal +, NHK, etc). Several of his works have been awarded at festivals such as Festival Mondiale de l'Image Sous---marine, Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino, Trofeo Stambecco d'Oro, Festival de Menigoute, Sondrio FilmFestival, etc.

55 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Massimo Campora, Valter Torri
Script: Valter Torri, Massimo Campora, Renato Cottalasso
Cinematography: Valter Torri, Massimo Campora, Renato Cottalasso
Editing: Valter Torri
Music: Matteo Cremoline
Narrator: Saverio Indrio
Editor: Donatella Orlandi, Marco Morra
Producer: DocumentAria film, II Piviere film