Marine Life

We visit the Lamay Island to the west of Taiwan and study the green sea turtles as well as the special crabs living in the hydrothermal vents. On the Orchid Island to the east of Taiwan, we observe the unique lives of the sea snakes, and in Kenting, we witness how the strength of corals helps in their own revival and conservation.

Director: Yang Shou-yi

Directors Yang Shou-yi and Tseng Hsun-yi are long-term collaborators. They have worked as director and cameraman on several Discovery documentaries. In recent years, they devote themselves to independent documentary production and marine life photography.

Director: Tseng Hsun-yi

46 Min.
Chinese (Traditional)
SUB: English
Director: Yang Shou-yi, Tseng Hsun-yi
Script: Chen Ya-mei / Tsai Hsin-chi
Cinematography: Tseng Hsun-yi/ Yang Shou-yi/ Chou Chun-ting /Lin Chia-chih /Hu Chao-lun
Editing: Lin Chih-ching
Music: Yang Wan-chien
Editor: Hakka TV