SHARK GIRL is the inspiring story of Madison Stewart and her passionate fight to save the creature most of us fear - sharks .

Director: Gisela Kaufmann

Ms. Kaufmann attended University in Germany where she received a Masters in Communications,
Economics and Geography from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet in Bonn, Germany.

Gisela Kaufmann, an award winning television Producer, Director and Writer has compiled a
solid international career, spanning Europe, the United States, Australia, the Caribbean and
the South Pacific. Her body of work has encompassed successes in Human Interest and Natural
History Documentaries, Profiles, Current Affairs and Travel. It has aired on national public and
commercial television around the world.

58 Min.
Director: Gisela Kaufmann
Script: Gisela Kaufmann
Cinematography: A.Brandy Casagrande IV, J. Biggins, G. Blee, N. Daley, K. Denton, J. Fernandez, R. Fitzpatrick, A. Geiger, S. Smith, D. Warth
Editing: Carsten Orlt
Music: Guy Gross
Narrator: Joshua Brennan
Editor: ABC Australia, Terra Mater, Smithsonian Channel
Awards: Best Marine Film 2015
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2015