The Hundeprofi on the move: Martin and the wolves

For decades they had disappeared from our forests, but since 15 years they are back: Around 300 wolves live in Germany today. Many conservationists and experts are excited - but increasingly there are more and more reports of scary wolf encounters.

Director: Rüdiger Jung

Ruediger Jung, born 1957, graduated as a geologist/marine geologist and a journalist. He joined private broadcaster RTL in 1987 as a news correspondent and later managing editor before focusing on the development and production of talk shows and documentations. Since 2002 he has been working as a freelance writer, journalist and producer of various TV series including Der Hundeprofi unterwegs.

90 Min.
Director: Rüdiger Jung
Script: Rüdiger Jung
Cinematography: Klaus Grittner
Editing: Rainer Nelissen
Narrator: Uli Auer
Editor: Tilmann Kühnel / VOX
Producer: MINA TV GmbH