The Young Man and the Sea

Boyan Slat, a youngster from Delft in the Netherlands, is different. At age 21 he has spent the past three years trying to find a solution for one of the biggest environmental problems of our times: plastic pollution in the world's ocean's.

Director: Till Schauder

Till Schauder made his first short film CITY BOMBERS while still a student at the Munich TV and Film Academy. His subsequent long films STRONG SHIT and SANTA SMOKES were nominated for and won several awards. He worked as director, producer and actor contributing to various documentations and series. In 2012 he wrote, directed, produced and co-edited THE IRAN JOB, a much-noticed and award-winning documentary about an American basketball professional in Iran. The film was partly financed with the help of a Kickstarter Crowd Funding campaign. His film THE REGGAE BOYZ about the effect of football and music on social violence in Jamaica was released in 2015.

44 Min.
SUB: German
Director: Till Schauder
Script: Till Schauder
Cinematography: Christoph Valentien Gerardo Milsztein
Editing: Diana Matous
Editor: HR Spielfilm/Filmredaktion 3sat/ZDFkultur (Daniel Schössler)
Producer: Achtfeld GmbH