Wild Albania - In the Land of the Eagle

While Dalmatian pelicans breed along the coast, and brown bears and feral horses roam the meadows, while horseshoe bats shelter in a little church, up in the “Cursed Mountains” a tousled chick grows to become Albania’s heraldic animal – the Golden eagle.

Director: Cornelia Volk

Cornelia Volk was born in Heilbronn, Germany, June, 6th 1970. After grammar school she studied political science, German literature and rhetorics in Tuebingen. Since 1997 she is working as a freelance author and director for Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk and the European Cultural Channel Arte. She made several films of the MDR series „Abenteuer Zoo“ and „Europas wilder Osten“ as well as about trans-boundary conservation areas or so called Peace Parks all over the world.

44 Min.
Director: Cornelia Volk
Script: Cornelia Volk
Cinematography: Alexander Sommer, Philipp Klein, Aldi Zgjani, Friedrich A. Sammer
Editing: Tom Chapman
Music: Tim Stanzel, Eike Hosenfeld
Narrator: Hans Henrik Wöhler
Editor: MDR/Ralf Fronz; BR/Bernd Strobel; HR/Gabriele Holzner
Producer: LOOKS Film in Koproduktion mit MDR, BR, HR, TOP Channel, Jolly Bar