Destiny of a greek lake

At the North of Greece, the lake Kerkini is a miracle of nature, all year round. Kerkini is a reference for mediterranean wetlands biodiversity.

In spring thousands pairs of birds breed here. During summer, automn and winter, there are several hundreds of thousands birds staying here, most of them in migration stops. Two scientists explain the threats that could upset the spot and show how the economic difficulties could make the wildlife collapse.

Director: Philippe Lavaux

Philippe LAVAUX, a civil engineer, born in 1952 worked as insurance loss adjuster from1979 to 2011. In 2000 he discovered his passion for wildlife and in 2011 started to record wildlife footage and sounds. .

Director: Pierre Huguet

Pierre HUGUET, architect-urbanist, born in 1950, has been travelling all over the world to collect records for next generations since 1970. He has been making wildlife documentaries and educational books since 1981. In 2016 he and Philippe Lavaux produced a documentary about the Greek lake Kerkini to draw attention to the dangers facing the area.

56 Min.
Director: Philippe Lavaux, Pierre Huguet
Script: Pierre Huguet
Cinematography: TSPC Studio : Charles EtiennePhilippe LAVAUX, Dominique Schmitt, Kostas PAPADOPOULOS, Jacques THIRIET, Serge DUMONT
Editing: TSPC Studio: Charles Etienne
Music: Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Narrator: Gill Steimer
Editor: nein
Producer: PHPL