Doppelprogramm 5

Tree- Summeteer D5.1 / The Greenhaus Battle D5.2

Tree- Summeteer D5.1

Even as a child Thomas Grünkorn climbed trees, mainly to be closer to birds. as part of a new research project the qualified biologist has attached cameras to nests inhabited by buzzards in order to get to the bottom of their decline

The Greenhaus Battle D5.2

Dr. Petra christiansen-Weniger has bred an insect army for a great battle. In the struggle against greenhouse pests she wants victory at all costs – except chemical warfare. Her tiny soldiers take no prisoners and play by their own rules of engagement.

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Director: Ralf Bartels

Ralf Bartels, born 1963 in Oberstreu/Franconia
Like many other freshly graduated teachers in 1992 he ended up with one of the new private TV broadcasters. After 6 years as a reporter, senior duty editor and head of the RTL studios in Kiel he worked as a free author, filmmaker and producer, accompanied the foundation of a Croatian TV station as a consultant, trained young journalists and managed various editorial departments. His favourite projects, though, are NaturNah (close to nature) contributions for the broadcaster NDR. He lives with his two sons on the Baltic coast close to Hohwacht.

Director: Tim Oliver Boehme

Born 1966 in Flensburg, producer, director and cameraman Tim Oliver Boehme moved to the US at the age of 10 when his mother decided to emigrate to the US with him and his younger brother. After finishing school he studied ‘Broadcast Production’ at the University of Wisconsin. Having travelled the world ‘romance’ prompted him to return to Europe in 1992. He became a filmmaker dedicated to social and ecological matters. A father of two sons, he and his wife now live in a village close to Kiel.

57 Min.
Director: Ralf Bartels, Tim Oliver Boehme