Eat my Dream
Director: Jessica Dürwald
Impressions of a norwegian fishfactory

Director:Sven Bohde
The genesis of the bucket lake in Eckernförde is legendary and so strange that you have to tell it in a movie. Michael Packschies created a lake that has become a worth protecting habitat.

I am Morgan - Stolen Freedom
Director:Heiko Grimm, Carlos Godó Borrás, Irene Buesa Gracía
Have you ever wonder what it would be like to see the world from a orca´s point of view? Find it out here!

The Rail Snail
Director: Bernd Fiedler
Make it snappy, Snail!

Kalmare vor der Haustür
Director: Philipp Hoy

Message in a Bottle
Director: Liam van Eeden, Jean-Martin Fabre
The true cost of bottled water, for both the consumer and the planet.

Nature 2.0
Director: Maren Gedenk
Nature 2.0‘ seeks a new understanding of nature. Nature as an untouchable phenomenon has ceased to exist. Humans changed nature. How do we represent nature for our needs? The film is a collage that shows the maker’s view on the shaped nature in our everyday life.

Saving Isegrimm
Director: Philipp Czaya
"Saving Isegrim" is a non-profit-documentation about the wolf-expert Michael Eichhorn, who is carringfour wolves at the Kurpfalzpark Wachenheim. The film shows the special relationsship between himand his wolves.

Director: Behnam Deldadeh
Allowing us to see ourselves Selfie

41 Min.
Script: Diverse
Cinematography: Diverse
Editing: Diverse
Music: Diverse
Narrator: Diverse
Editor: Diverse
Producer: Diverse