The Amazon rainforest - serie Peru: Extreme Planet

A wildlife photographer is partnered up with two scientific reporters to take an adventurous journey through Peru by following the water cycle and crossing three of the most extreme ecosystems on our planet: the rainforest of the Amazon, the glaciers of the Andes, and the desert plains of the Pacific Coast. As they encounter a unique biodiversity of plant and animal life, they also discover what links all three environments together and why it is so important to preserve them.

Director: Jean-Thomas Renaud

52 Min.
SUB: English
Director: Jean-Thomas Renaud
Script: Guillaume DE GINESTEL
Cinematography: 1920x1080 HD, Color, Stereo
Editor: Ushuaïa TV, TV5 Monde, SBS TV Australia, TV Peru
Producer: French Connection Films, Codex Now, Vosges Television, The IRD