The Rail Snail


Make it snappy, Snail!

Director: Bernd Fiedler

Director Bernd Fiedler, born 1941 in Kiel, Germany, began his career in cinematography in the 1960s as part of the „New Munich School“, shooting films for Rudolf Thome („Rote Sonne“, 1969) and Klaus Lemke („Rocker“, 1971). Further important films he made in this period are „Chronik der laufenden Ereignisse“ (Peter Handke, 1971) and „Ein großer grau-blauer Vogel“ (Thomas Schamoni, 1969). Over time, Bernd Fiedler also worked repeatedly as screenwriter, dramatic adviser, producer and director.

Director: Bernd Fiedler
Script: Bernd Fiedler
Cinematography: Bernd Fiedler
Editing: Oliver Boczek
Producer: Bernd Fiedler
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2016