Wild North - the Forest

The Forest' is the 1st episode of the trilogy ”Wild North”, the series moves through three biotopes; vast forests, rugged coastline and interior highlands.

Deep in the forest we are treated to the sight of a female bear and not just one but three cubs emerging in the sunshine after hibernation. A enormous Elk bull emerges out of the fog to lovingly court an accommodating cow. But an even rarer sight awaits us; the Capercailie cock, blinded by rage, take on an Eagle and meets a brutal end.

Director: Adam Schmedes

Adam Schmedes, diploma director and photographer from the French Film School IDHEC and the Danish National Film School. Manager of Loke Film, a production company situated in Copenhagen and in La Gaude, near Cannes, France. Main production activities are wildlife and science documentaries.
Adam grew up in the South of France, and shot his first piece of wildlife footage on 16 mm, 8 years old: the hatching of a chrysalis. Since then he has directed and produced many wildlife films most of them award winning. Among the best known are; 'The King of Provence', 'Chameleon Beach' and 'The Arctic Giant'.

52 Min.
Director: Adam Schmedes
Script: Adam Schmedes/Arne Nævra/Torgeir Beck Lande
Cinematography: Arne Nævra/Torgeir Beck Lande
Editing: Jes Paul
Music: Helge Krabye etc.
Narrator: Linford Brown
Editor: Adam Schmedes
Producer: Loke Film