The Engadin National Park was created 100 years ago, to help preserve Swiss nature. Today we can witness how an alpine landscape developed without human invention.

Director: Judith Doppler

Director: Kurt Mayer

Kurt Mayer is a director, author and film producer. He was born in Vienna in 1951 and lives in Lower Austria and Vienna. He studied psychology, sociology and history of art in Vienna. Since 1982 he is working for TV and Cinema. In 1995 he founded his own company, kurt mayer film, and has 3 permanent co-workers.

52 Min.
Director: Judith Doppler, Kurt Mayer
Author: Kurt Mayer
Camera: Attila Boa,Wolfram Wuinovic, Lucas Pitsch, Rolando Menardi
Editing: Tom Pohanka
Music: Titus Vadon
Speaker: Julie McCarthy
Editor: Franz Fuchs (ORF2/Universum)
Website URL: http://contentsales.orf.at/universum