All stormgull-eggs are destroyed in the nature reserve Graswarder. Klaus Dürkop fights against foxes and raccoons with electric fences and the assistance of local hunters. But hunting in the middle of a nature reserve is highly controversial

Director: Mario Göhring

After work experience with NDR TV station Mario Göhring studied in the US thanks to the USA scholarship awarded by RIAS Berlin Commission. As TV reporter working for "Schleswig-Holstein Magazin" he realized nearly one thousand contributions on nature and environment between 1996 and 2010, most importantly about the National Park Wattenmeer (tidal flats) as well as other natural sanctuaries. Ever since 2010 he has worked as an editor for Kiel based Joker Pictures GmbH and has made productions for NDR NaturNah as well as image films. At the 2014 WorldMedia Festival his film for Schramm Group was awarded the intermedia-globe SILVER.

28 Min.
Director: Mario Göhring
Script: Mario Göhring
Cinematography: Jens Hinrichsen, Karl-Heinrich Klapheck
Editing: Stefan Krasinsky
Narrator: Anouk Schollähn
Editor: Christian Pipke (NDr)
Nominations: Wild Schleswig Holstein 2015