How come chicken is cheaper than pet food? How does poultry production in Germany really work? Dirk Steffens shows how chicken live in Germany before we eat them. He starts his own organic poultry farm as well as a training in an industrial mast.

Director: Caroline Pellmann

... was born in Mühlheim an der Ruhr in 1967 and lives now in the area of Recklinghausen. Her biggest passion are people and their stories.
She worked from 1987 until 1996 freelance for daily newspapers and Radio in NRW and Munich. In 1993 she went abroad for a semester to work for Radio Gambia, Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa. From 1994 until 1995 she worked freelance for the business consultants "Küster & Partner" in Hongkong and Singapur among other places. From 1987 she studied journalism comunications ethnology, politics and German philology at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. She graduated in 1995 with a M.A. and best grades.
From 1995 until 1996 she studied at the Bayerische Akademie für Fernsehen in Munich and got a degree in video reporting. From 1996 until 1998 she worked permanently employed as an editor for Focus TV- Magazine in Munich, developing “Future trend”, RTL. From 1998 until 2001 she was employes as editor at Spiegel TV-Magazine, Hamburg. She was on parental leave from May until December 2001. Form 2002 until 2008 she worked freelance in Munich as author and realisator on Magazine contributions, reports, factual entertainment and docu-soaps for Spiegel TV, XXP, ProSieben, RTL, Focus TV and RTLII. From June 2006 until August 2007 she was Producer of ProSieben Reportage.
Since 2008 she works freelance in NRW as author relisator and producer on devlopment and pilotfilms, Factual Entertainment. Docu-Soap and reports for Stern-TV, ZDF, NDR, ProSieben, VOX, KIKA , producer "It's my Life" and "It's my sexy Life" (ProSieben)
Production companies she worked for: are Doclights, Content Factory, Agenda Media, Janus TV, Imago-TV, i & u, Granada and others.

43 Min.
Director: Caroline Pellmann
Script: Caroline Pellmann, Dirk Steffens
Cinematography: Oliver Kratz
Editing: Rainer Ahlschwedt
Music: Timo Dorsch, Manne Uhlig
Narrator: Dirk Steffens
Editor: Natalie Müller-Elmau, Susanne Becker (ZDF)
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