Unwittingly introduced plant species are increasing at an alarming rate. They are taking over the habitat of the hitherto predominant plants. The documentary shows the ecological and economical damage and the different strategies to intervene.

Director: Ingo Thöne

Ingo Thöne, born in Koblenz in 1972. He studied literature and sociology with emphasis on natural history and socio-cultural research on the interconnectedness of the view of nature and social conditions.
He is a freelance author for NDR and Das Erste.
He made numerous film reports, documentaries and contributions to magazines about the social handling of nature. Main topics are: green genetics, sustainable energy and environmental policies.

52 Min.
Director: Ingo Thöne
Author: Ingo Thöne
Camera: Ralf Biehler u.a.
Editing: Doreen Buchholz
Speaker: Stella Jürgensen
Editor: Claudia Cellarius (arte)
Nominations: Best Ecology and Science Film 2015
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