On the one hand this film is a tour of our planets protected areas that are an example of environmental conservation and on the other it shows causes that have led to ancient species to be endangered.

Director: Monica Gonzáles

Mónica González is Journalist. She has extensive experience as professional in TV and radio in the Canary Islands (Spain). She has been a conductor of the news programs for 14 years on TVE, A3 and TVC. She currently directs documentaries for international distribution.
Daniel Rodriguez is a cameraman & diving instructor.He currently also produce documentaries for international distribution. He has won several national and international awards for his underwater shooting.

52 Min.
Director: Monica Gonzáles
Author: Rubén Casas Oché
Camera: Rubén Casas Oché, Fernando Gómez Gómez
Editing: Rubén Casas Oché
Music: Noel Nicolau
Speaker: Jonathan D. Mellor