Herbal products are being harvested in South Tyrol, marine salt in the salines of Aigues-Mortes has grown, a pilot fights hail and the storks have finally returned to Masuria.

Director: Keti Vaitonis

Keti Vaitonis has been working as freelance director, film maker and producer for national and international TV stations for 17 years. In the course of her film work she visited Chile, Russia, Argentina, Usbekistan, Afghanistan, USA and Vietnam.
During this time many awardwinning productions emerged – from report to documentary series over Docutainment to her own feature film. 2006 she completed in addition to directing a training as script writer at the Drehbuchschule Wolfgang Pfeifer Berlin.

Director: Ira Beetz

Ira Beetz has been working as director, film maker and dramaturge for national and international TV station for over 20 years. She gratuated in journalism and literatur in Leipzig and Dortmund, did an internship at Radio DDR and graduated from the Axel-Springer-School for journalism.
As author she made more than hundred documentaries and reports and worked for thirteen years as editor for SPIEGEL TV. As leading editor of the gebrueder beetz filmproduktion she is responsible for the editorial office in Hamburg and made several intentional productions.

43 Min.
Director: Keti Vaitonis, Ira Beetz
Script: Ina Kessebohm, Mirella Pappalardo, Veronika Kasere
Cinematography: Jens Saathoff, Christoph Valentin, Jan Zabeil
Editing: Uwe Klimmeck, Wolfgang Hemmann, Milena Holzknecht, Stefan Böhm, Klaus Eichler
Narrator: Matthias Scherwenikas, Nadja Schulz-Berlinghoff
Editor: Ulrich Brochhagen (MDR), Monika Schäfer (NDR), Eva Witte (SWR), Antoinette Koering (arte)
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