The Badjao people have always been fishermen, but they can no longer compete with big fishing vessels. Still, Sari wants to become a fisherman, and goes on initiation trip with his uncle.

Director: Eliza Kubarska

Eliza is a graduate of the Academy of the Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her short-film "Mom Dad and Me" won several prices at international film festivals. Her specialty is adventure documentaries which take place at extreme places and under extreme conditions. She is a well-known mountaineer. In 2007 she founded her company, Vertical Vision Film Studio, and produced her first award winning documentary "Mountain Love Story" which is distributed by First Hand Films.

43 Min.
Director: Eliza Kubarska
Script: Eliza Kubarska
Cinematography: Piotr Rosolowski
Editing: Bartosz Pietras
Music: Michael Jacaszek
Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF/arte)
Nominations: Best Story 2015
Website URL: www.riseandshine.com