Lake Constance, the largest water reservoir north of the Alps, is characterized by a mild climate, historic towns along the lakesides and rare plants and animals in the remoter areas. The film tries to make the loveliest spots accessible for the audience.

Director: Jens-Uwe Heins

Jens-Uwe Heins, born 1961, has been a great nature lover ever since childhood. Being a passionate ornithologist, he studied ecology and then worked in conservation biology and as a consultant for planning Turkish national parks. In 1988, he switched to television. Numerous filming expeditions led him to North America, Africa, Asia and to almost every corner of Europe. Jens-Uwe Heins works as a free-lance writer and cameraman for the wildlife and nature editorial department at "Bayrischer Rundfunk".

44 Min.
Director: Jens-Uwe Heins
Script: Jens-Uwe Heins
Cinematography: Rolf Krause, Matthias Mösch u.a.
Editing: Christian von Lüpke, Wolfdieter Gautzsch
Music: Jürgen Otto
Narrator: Hans Mittermüller
Editor: A. Schmid (BR), D. Brückner, C. Schwab (SWR ), R. Quibeldey (NDR)
Website URL: www.br.de