Who would have thought Venice has its own beautiful reefs? The Lagoon is a hot-spot for exotic birds heading north in spring - year after year, more than 60 species stop at the Lagoon, their first feeding ground after crossing the Mediterranean.

Director: Klaus T. Steindl

Finishing his studies in directing and stage design Klaus T. Steindl started his career as freelance director for experimental theatre.
Since 1991 Klaus is working as script author and film director.
He filmed several award-winning advertising films (“Österreichischer Staatspreis” and others) before concentrating on documentaries.
Almost all the documentaries which followed were produced for the prime-time market and several of his films won big international prizes.
In addition to his work as a film maker Klaus is a longstanding member in the commission of CineStyria Filmkunst of the federal state Styria and member of the Board of the Documentary campus.

50 Min.
Director: Klaus T. Steindl
Script: Klaus T. Steindl
Cinematography: Stefano Pancaldi
Editing: Martin Biribauer
Music: Markus Pöchinger
Narrator: Andrew Solomon
Editor: Franz Fuchs (ORF2/Universum)
Website URL: http://contentsales.orf.at/universum