WILDLIFE: Crossing the Cliffs - Nubian Ibex

Cliff-dwelling Nubian ibexes are some of the hardiest animals on Earth. This program reveals the drama as they climb down in search for food, as males use huge horns to fight over females, and as youngsters lock horns in practice for life on their own.

Director: Toshiyuki Ichihara

Director: Minako Harada

Minako Harada joined the NHK engineering affiliate NHK Technical Services in 1999. She began making nature programs such as “Wildlife” and “Nature Wonder Land” in 2009. She moved to NHK’s main production affiliate, NHK Enterprises, in 2013 and has since maintained a busy international shooting schedule that has taken her to destinations including Israel, the Galapagos Islands, and Canada. She gained an even higher profile in 2014 for shooting a “Wildlife” edition about polar bears entirely in 4K.
Toshiyuki ICHIHARA
Toshiyuki Ichihara joined NHK’s main production affiliate, NHK Enterprises, in 2008. He made many natural-history programs in Japan and overseas for series including “Wildlife”, “Nature Wonder Land”, and “Nippon No Satoyama” (an exploration of rural Japanese environments where people still live in harmony with nature). He left NHK Enterprises in 2013. He is presently studying in the United Kingdom with a view to becoming a film director.

49 Min.
Director: Toshiyuki Ichihara, Minako Harada
Cinematography: Taijiro Maeda, Tatsuhiko Sugita
Editing: Tsukasa Onodera, Peter Barden
Music: Yukiyo Nakamura (theme music)
Narrator: Peter Venn
Editor: NHK
Website URL: www.nhk.or.jp/english/