WILDLIFE: Secrets of the Stag - Hokkaido Sika Deer

Hokkaido sika deer thrive on Japan´s Shiretoko Peninsula. This program follows them over a year, revealing how stags fight for mates, how the stags fend for themselves while new antlers grow, and how does use the forest´s resources to raise their fawns.

Director: Harutaka Yano

Harutaka Yano majored in science at Rikkyo University then studied animal ecology (with a focus on birds) at graduate school. He joined Tokyo-based GEN TV Production in 2006. He has since been making natural-history and educational programs about animals. He focuses on birds and on the nature of Japan’s northernmost main island, Hokkaido.

49 Min.
Director: Harutaka Yano
Cinematography: Tohihiko Niiyama
Editing: Akihiro Endo, Stuart Garlick
Music: Yukiyo Nakamura (theme music)
Narrator: Peter Venn
Editor: NHK
Website URL: www.nhk.or.jp/english/