Die Sieger 2016

The Festival 2016

Green Screen remains on the road to success: 155 film screenings and events - more than ever -, 150 filmmakers from all over the world - more than ever before - and 17 100 festival visitors - of course, as much as ever. One who is responsible for this intoxication is Gerald Grote. One day after the festival, the festival director had a veritable "festival kater". Slightly exhausted, but completely satisfied, he and his management team drew a very positive review of the 10th International Wildlife Film Festival GREEN SCREEN from September 14th to September 18th . The new record number of visitors was just one topic. Counting among the 17 100 festival visitors all special events such as the excursion to the Danish Sonderburg on the following Friday, in which 1 500 spectators in Alsion nature films from the current festival program saw the beach or candy cinema, the winter film series or the sh: z film tour with a renewed increase and with more than 3 000 visitors, the bottom line is a good 30 000 visitors who watched the nature films about the festival year. This alone is an outstanding result and makes GREEN SCREEN the most popular nature film festival in Europe - without a commercial cinema.