Electric Amazon

The Amazon is one of the wildest and least civilized parts of the planet. In the network of rivers and streams is an electric grid - a bizarre community of fish with a highly sophisticated electric sixth sense. Using electricity, these “Super” fish can communicate wirelessly, control each other remotely and emit shocks that can stop a human heart. Now an intrepid scientist, Will Crampton, ventures back into the dark jungles in an attempt to unravel their secrets and unlock the electric code.

Director: Kira Ivanoff

[translate:] Kira Ivanoff arbeitet als Regisseurin und produzierte bisher drei Naturfilme. Peter Lamberti produziert seit vielen Jahren Tierfilme und gewann bereits zahlreiche Festivalpreise. Mit seiner Filmproduktion Aquavision ist er unter anderem für Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ZDF und NDR tätig.

South Africa
50 Min.
Director: Kira Ivanoff
Cinematography: Grant Brokensha
Editing: Brenda Spaan
Narrator: Martin Delaney
Editor: Earth Touch (Pty) Ltd
Producer: Earth Touch (Pty) Ltd