Nature tales - Bushmen in Namibia

Indigenous peoples were telling stories and fairytales about their local wildlife for millenniums. These animal tales link the past with the present and bring the children closer to the believes of the integrity of their creation.

Director: Angela Graas-Castor

was born 1971 in Oberhausen and studied communication sciences and ethnology. After attaining her degree, she attended the University of Television and Film, Munich (HFF München) as an extra-mural student in documentary film. Film writer and director since 1998. For ARD and ARTE she made various prize-winning documentaries and wildlife films, among them „Luchswege“ (about lynxes), „Terror im Reich der Orkas“ (about orcas), „Highway der Schmetterlinge“ (about butterflies) and the full-length documentary film „Jagdzeit“ (about anti-whaling activists).

44 Min.
Director: Angela Graas-Castor
Script: Angela Graas-Castor
Cinematography: Christoph Castor
Editing: Ruth Kucharz
Narrator: Moritz Brendel, Christian Schult
Editor: BR/Angela Schmid, BR-Arte/Martin Kowalczyk, SWR/Claudia Schwab
Awards: Best Story 2016
Nominations: Best Story 2016