Shortfilms for Kids

The secret of the Earwig
Director: Jens Hamann
Naomi and Kira are discovering earwigs. Its pincers look a bit scary. What is the use of it? Eating or defending? Julia, an expert for earwigs, discloses the secret: Earwigs have beautiful wings on their back and use the pincers to unfold them

Director: Sven Bohde
The genesis of the bucket lake in Eckernförde is legendary and so strange that you have to tell it in a movie. Michael Packschies created a lake that has become a worth protecting habitat

nine and a half: Stop the bags
Director: Sarah Schultes
Jona and his climate working group are on the warpath - against plastic bags. With a big action in Osnabrück they want to dispose of plastic bags in town.

nine and a half: Spiders
Director: Diana Peßler
Ugh - spiders! Many people sicken at spiders or even are afraid of them. But not Johannes! For nine and a half he goes on an interesting spider field trip!

Kultur, Land, Meer und mehr
Regie: Susanne  Isabel Yacoub
Magic people, magic nature. How young Junior Ranger get envolved with wildlife in Germany: Smart and Relaxed. No3 (of 3).

Director: Giannina Dziallas
It looks like paradise: agreen landcape with parrots frogs and snakes - harmony at first sight. Really?
THis animated shortfilm is supposed to jolt people into action.

Script: Diverse
Cinematography: Diverse
Editing: Diverse
Music: Diverse
Narrator: Diverse
Editor: Diverse
Producer: Diverse