Big Five Asia - The Lion

Barely a dozen lions survived in the Gir Forest National Park in Northwest India, under strict protection. The filmteam tracked them, which is more difficult than in the savannas of Africa. Filming lions here is an adventure, because you're just by foot.

Director: Felix Heidinger

Since1989 Felix Heidinger has been working as a freelance film author for Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARD and ARTE and has produced films that have been sold for international exploitation in Europe and abroad. In the past 10 years his focus has been on various 30’ and 45’ min. documentary series on the subject of animals and nature. His films, amongst them ‘Saw Mosche – Elephants were my Life’, have won various nominations and awards.

44 Min.
Director: Felix Heidinger
Script: Felix Heidinger
Cinematography: Volker Schmidt, Kristof Schneider
Editing: Sebastian Pfeil
Music: Gerhard Bickl
Narrator: Gert Heidenreich, Ekkehardt Belle
Editor: BR/Bernd Strobel, BR-Arte/Christine Peters
Producer: BR/arte/Global Screen