Extraordinary Afrika

Between the Sahara and the lush forests in the center of the continent, there is an intermediate band, made of open savannahs, thorny scrub, gallery forest and rocky outcrops. In this region, 6 months in the year, it does not fall a drop of water, and animals persist in seeking the latest ponds. The other half of the year, this desert area becomes a swamp and all animals are in a flooded landscape by torrential rains. But there is a real jewel in the heart of the Sahel: Zakouma National Park.

Director: Tangouy Dumortier

Journalist and wildlife filmmaker, he is now the new presenter of the iconic show nature lovers in Belgium: „The Extraordinary Garden“.

26 Min.
Director: Tangouy Dumortier
Script: Tanguy Dumortier
Cinematography: Tanguy Dumortier
Editing: Tanguy Dumortier, Betrand Leclipteux
Music: Thomas Delbart
Narrator: Anthony Gouldsbrough
Editor: Le Jardin Extraordinaire RTBF
Producer: Le Sous-Bois Production