Järven tarina

This is a film about the thousands of lakes that Finland is known for. It takes the viewers on an unprecedented adventure, ranging from the crystal clear springs all the way to the basins of the big lakes. It opens a whole new world of underwater nature for the viewers, and tells about the many old tales and beliefs in the land of thousands of lakes.

Director: Marko Röhr

Marko Röhr is Finnish producer, director and writer who has produced 26 feature films and has written and directed several documentaries and short movies. He has wide experience on international co-productions.
In 1990 he started his own production company MRP Matila Röhr Productions Ltd. (MRP). MRP has been specializing in ambitious drama and underwater films shot mainly in the arctic waters.
Since 1992 Marko Röhr has also been directing underwater films such as Underwater Iceland, which has won 13 different prizes on film festivals around the world.

Director: Kim Saarniluoto

Kim Saarniluoto is Finnish director and editor. He has been working for Finnish cinema and TV since the end of 1990’s and has contributed in dozens of TV-programmes, -series and documentaries from fiction to factual and from news to sports.
His directorial debut in feature documentary was Tale of a Forest (MRP 2012), which he also edited. Tale of a Forest is the second most watched documentary film in Finland’s cinemas running over two years and gathering almost 100 000 cinema visits

76 Min.
Director: Marko Röhr, Kim Saarniluoto
Script: Antti Tuuri and Marko Röhr
Cinematography: Teemu Liakka
Editing: Kim Saarniluoto
Music: Panu Aaltio
Narrator: Johanthan Hutchings
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2016