Kalmare vor der Haustür ...


In December 2015 peculiar animals turned up at the Eckernförde pier – squids. Following the first sighting Philip Hoy went on a search to film these rare visitors. He can watch the animals hunting, eating and spraying their ink. The audience gets fascinating insights into the under-water world.

Director: Philipp Hoy

Philipp Hoy was born on 4. March 1998. He currently attends the Peter-Ustinov school in Eckernförde. He is interested in the under-water world since early childhood. In 2013 he got his divers licence an won 2nd price at the Green-Screen-Youth-Awards with his first underwater film in 2015.

14 Min.
Director: Philipp Hoy
Author: Philipp Hoy
Camera: Philipp Hoy
Editing: Philipp Hoy
Speaker: Philipp Hoy
Producer: Philipp Hoy
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2016
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2016