Kangaroo Island: Life on the edge

Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge reveals a largely forgotten world - one some speed past every day. Much of the wildlife on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island have to share their home with speeding steel projectiles. In this documentary we discover what they have to endure to survive.

Director: Samuel Chen

Whether working as a park ranger in the remote deserts of Central Australia, a koala catcher on Kangaroo Island, or undertaking various wildlife projects across Australia – Samuel loves and knows Australia’s wildlife. After a career spanning over ten years in the environmental management field, one illuminating thought changed the course of his professional life: that stories about the natural world shared through popular media, have a significant power to influence, and bring about environmental change.
Ever since this thought, life for Samuel has been a whirlwind. He has found himself
immersed in a new world – the world of cameras and storytelling. He has worked as a news and current affairs camera operator for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and worked on various other projects in Australia for broadcasters and various corporate clients. In 2014 he was presented a Silver Award at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards for his work as an ABC news and current affairs camera operator. In the same year he also received a Bronze Award for his cinematic work on the music video Hypocrite, by local hip hop artist - Dan the Underdog. Combining his passions for wildlife, cinematography, and storytelling, it has been a lifelong dream to produce a long-form behavioural wildlife film and 2016 marks the release of his first film, Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge. The film took 18 months to produce with 6 months spent filming on location on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The film reveals incredible wildlife behaviour never seen on film or television, and some unique behaviour never witnessed by the science community.

25 Min.
Director: Samuel Chen
Script: Samuel Chen
Cinematography: Samuel Chen
Editing: Samuel Chen
Music: Tashka Urban & Samuel Chen
Narrator: Caddie Brain
Editor: Samuel Chen
Producer: Samuel Chen
Awards: Best Independent Production 2016
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2016