Keas - New Zealand´s Witty Daredevils

There are parrots that totally break the stereotypes: the keas in New Zealand just love snow and the cold, harsh mountain climate. To survive here, these mountain parrots have developed exceptional intelligence and resourcefulness.

Director: Volker Arzt

Volker Arzt has been working on TV for decades. His background is a degree in theoretical physics, but his passion is moving pictures. He made about 200 documentaries about scientific, medical or ecological topics for children and adults. The project ‘smart birds’ fits right in in with his favourite subject: cognitive abilities of living creatures – reasons for differences, evolutionary development and the part they play in daily life. Ravens and parrots for example are particularly intelligent and smart and seem to have an understanding for techniques and every-day physics. Only legend or scientific knowledge? What may be the outcome of a competition between the smartest representatives of crows and parrots? We can look forward to finding out!

43 Min.
Director: Volker Arzt
Script: Volker Arzt und Angelika Sigl
Cinematography: Brian McClatchy
Editing: Christian Scholz
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller, Alex Komlew
Narrator: Udo Wachtveitl
Editor: Gabriele Conze, WDR
Producer: Text und Bild Medienproduktion GmbH & Co.KG