Kultur, Land und Meer

Shortfilm for kids

Magic people, magic nature. How young Junior Ranger get envolved with wildlife in Germany: Smart and Relaxed. No3 (of 3)

Director: Susanne Isabel Yacoub

Susanne Isabel Yacoub formerly enjoyed rural life as an enthusiastic organic gardener, but moved to the German capital in 1989 to study landscape architecture. Meanwhile, she is busy capturing Berlin's urban niches on film and in text. With fellow architects and filmmakers, she has been offering a platform for films about built space and time via her organisation „urbanfilmlab e.V.“ since 2011. Her own films focus on themes such as particular places, architecture, people, dreams.
She received further training as a filmmaker in Berlin at the Academy of Arts, the Technical University and at the self-organized film school filmArche.

4 Min.
Director: Susanne Isabel Yacoub
Script: Susanne Isabel Yacoub
Cinematography: Line Kühl
Editing: Anne Petry
Music: Kings&Kongs Filmprodktion
Producer: Landschaftsarchitektur+Video/Kings&Kongs Filmproduktion
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2016