Life Against all Odds

For ages, the sea has been regarded as an inexhaustible resource, but today we know that many

marine areas are empty of their inhabitants. Are there places where fish and other marine life can

reproduce undisturbed? Follow Armin, Birgitta and Nanna ,who embarks on an adventure, to get

answers to these questions. With their sailboat they leave for a long-distance diving expedition where

they explore areas, down under in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and Scandinavia.

Director: Armin Mueck

59 Min.
Director: Armin Mueck
Script: Armin Mueck
Cinematography: Armin Mueck, Birgitta Mueck
Editing: Armin Mueck
Music: Nainita Desai, Malcolm Law
Narrator: Nanna Mueck
Editor: Gunilla Eriksson, SVT, Göran Danasten, SVT
Producer: Armin Mueck, Crystal Water Fil Production AB