Minds of Giants

“The Minds of Giants” explores what it is like to be an elephant, as revealed by revolutionary new research, much of which has been conducted especially for this program. The story starts with an accidental discovery.

Director: Emre Izat

I’m a voraciously curious television professional experienced in writing, directing, producing, fundraising, and camerawork across genres including natural history, science, engineering, history, health and lifestyle, crime, and music. I’m especially fascinated with wildlife and science stories, and have a deep love of elephants. Over the past thirteen years, I’ve developed and produced award-winning documentary series and one-off specials for multiple global networks including National Geographic, Discovery, History, ID, MSNBC, TLC, and PBS. In addition to directing, I have researched and developed numerous wildlife films for National Geographic's Natural History Unit, including Mystery Gorilla and Untamed Americas, among many others. Career highlights include witnessing the birth of a baby elephant, touring the LEGO factory on a robotic crane, and riding along with a narcotics unit on a meth lab raid.

Director: Geoff Luck

Geoff Luck is filmmaker who has produced, directed, shot or edited more than a hundred programs for National Geographic over the past decade. His award-winning work on nature, science and culture has also been featured on PBS, Discovery, The Sundance Channel, Showtime, and showcased at the Museum of Modern Art. He holds degrees in filmmaking from Harvard University and the San Francisco Art Institute and lives in Virginia with his wife and two daughters

43 Min.
Director: Emre Izat, Geoff Luck
Script: Emre Izat/ Geoff Luck
Cinematography: Emre Izat
Editing: Jennie Vazquez
Music: Chris Beaty
Narrator: Constantin von Westphalen
Editor: ZDF, Ruth Omphalius
Producer: Vulcan Productions, Inc (USA) Off the Fence (Amsterdamm)