nine and a half: Spiders

Shortfilm for Kids

Ugh - spiders! Many people sicken at spiders or even are afraid of them. But not Johannes! For nine and a half he goes on an interesting spider field trip!

Director: Diana Peßler

Diana Peßler, born 1981, studied journalism in Dortmund. After her training at „Deutsche Welle”, Germany's international public broadcasting service, she was a freelance author for radio, working on features and in other fields. From 2005 to 2013 Diana Peßler worked as an editor for “logo!”, Germany's unique news programme for children. She repeatedly conducted workshops about childrens' television on behalf of the Deutsche Welle Akademie at TV stations abroad. Since 2014 Diana Peßler is an editor and the assistant managing editor of the children's magazine “neuneinhalb” (i.e. Nine-and-a-half) at public broadcaster ARD.

9 Min.
Director: Diana Peßler
Script: Diana Peßler
Narrator: Johannes Büchs (Protagonist)
Editor: WDR/Manuela Kalupke
Producer: tvision GmbHim Auftrag des WDR
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2016