The big Flood


are conservationists in secret. Without them the Wadden Sea would be

gone long since as a unique habitat. 100 of them are living on Hallig

Hooge. Keeping the dikes storm-proof. But than the big Storm “Xaver”

hits the coast in November 2014!

Director: Jess Hansen

Jess Hansen was born Dec.17, 1963 in Ratzeburg, Germany. After finishing school, he worked as a salesman, soldier, bread delivery driver and studied business administration. From 1990, he was a freelance author for NDR, at first for the local newscast SH-Magazin, making numerous documentary films after 1992. In 2005 he studied scriptwriting at the International Film School IFS in Cologne. His main topic: people living in northern Germany's cultivated landscapes. A selection of his work:„Halligliebe“(i.e. Hallig Love/ NDR); „Die Wattmänner“ (i.e. Men of the Wadden Sea/ NDR); „Hallig mit 50.000 Vögeln“ (i.e. 50 000 Birds on the Hallig/ NDR); „Land unter auf Hallig Hooge“ (i.e. Hallig Hooge Submerged/ NDR). Since 2007 until today he has been working as an author at Joker Pictures, a production company in Kiel.

59 Min.
Director: Jess Hansen
Cinematography: Jens Hinrichsen
Editing: Kai-Ole Nissen
Narrator: Jess Hansen
Editor: Katrin Glenz / NDR