The secret of the Earwig

Shortfilm for kids

Naomi and Kira are discovering earwigs. Its pincers look a bit scary. What is the use of it? Eating or defending? Julia, an expert for earwigs, discloses the secret: Earwigs have beautiful wings on their back and use the pincers to unfold them.    

Director: Jens Hamann

Jens Hamann was born in Fulda in 1960 and grew up in Kassel. From childhood on, he showed great interest in photography. After finishing school and his military service working as a press photographer, he went on to study photographic engineering from 1980 to 1985 in Cologne.
Since 1987 Jens Hamann is a freelance filmmaker, working mostly for television.
As producer, author, director and cinematographer he has made large-scale personal portaits, landscape and culture documentaries for ARD and WDR as well as numerous wildlife film features for the children's educational TV show „Sendung mit der Maus“ and „Sendung mit dem Elefanten“.

7 Min.
Director: Jens Hamann
Script: Jens Hamann/Elmar Mai
Cinematography: Jens Hamann
Editing: Jens Hamann
Music: Mark Pütz
Narrator: Ralph Caspers
Editor: Henrike Vieregge WDR
Producer: Jens Hamann Filmproduktion
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2016