Kurzfilmprogramm '17

Until the Last Drop - Makwekwes Journey on the future of Lake Turkana

Director: Katja Becker

The desert lake Turkana is in danger and a musician travels to find the reasons.

Wild Seve

Director: Prakash Matada

Timely compensation for losses to crop, livestock, and human injury is the most effective way to reduce retaliation on wild animals by villagers in the Indian state of Karnataka, believe the team at Wild Seve (in service of wildlife).

Melting Stars

Director: Kate Green

Melting Stars unravels the mystery behind one of the most catastrophic species die offs in recorded history. In 2013 scuba divers off the West coast of British Columbia discovered that the star fish were dying in the millions and suffering horrific deaths. They were disintegrating into goo on the ocean floor and the environmental balance of the marine ecosystem was being changed.


Director: Stella Raith

A quaint orchestra plays music in a forest.

Wandelnde Weltenwanderer

Director: Anna Mahendra

The film shows fantastic dream sequences with mythical creatures.

Our wonderful nature - The common Chameleon

Director: Tomer Eshed

The film reveals the common chameleon ?s untamed sense of appetite.

Diamonds for my ants

Director: Karina Vilenkina

Diamonds for my Ants - an awe inspiring story of Andrey Pavlov, who became disabled at the age of 50, but found a courage to start over and now his photographs of ants are famous worldwide.

65 Min.