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The "Forest Wanderer" is a man who loves the forest and the wildlife of the forest. He is anonymous in the way that we never see his face. Every spring he visits the Capercaillies display grounds, and he is witnessing the "The Emperor's" rise and fall during three years on the lek. Our friend also wants to check what is making the big splash sounds in the mystical forest lake during the night. The film is a new way of telling wildlife stories and are thought to happen in the 1950's in Norway.

Director: Arne Naevra

Director: Torgeir Beck Lande

52 Min.
Director: Arne Naevra, Torgeir Beck Lande
Cinematography: Arne Naevra and Torgeir Beck Lande
Editing: Arne Naevra and Torgeir Beck Lande
Narrator: Don McCorkindale
Producer: Naturbilder AS
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