The Hunt - In The Grip Of The Seasons

In The Grip Of The Seasons

In the Grip of the Seasons looks at the challenges of hunting in the Arctic, the most seasonal place on Earth. To a predator, seasonal change is a problem. All the parameters of the hunt – the conditions, the strategies, the prey – change.

Director: Jonnie Hughes

United Kingdom Germany
44 Min.
Director: Jonnie Hughes
Script: Deutsche Bearbeitung: Thomas Plaichinger
Cinematography: Barrie Britton, Jamie McPherson, Mark Smith, Rolf Steinmann
Editing: Andy Netley
Music: Steven Price
Narrator: Sascha Rotermund (Deutsche Fassung)
Editor: Tom McDonald, BBC; Ralf Quibeldey, NDR; Gabriele Conze, WDR; Christine Peters, BR
Producer: Alastair Fothergill - Silverback Films Ltd; Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm
Nominations: Best Story 2017,
Best Score 2017,
Best Postproduction 2017
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