The Tiger Mafia

Worldwide only 3.000 tigers are left in the wild. Commercial tiger breeders in South East Asia are betting on their extinction. Breeding tigers is a multi-million-dollar business - and it´s illegal. Undercover we record the ordeal of the tigers.

Director: Dr. Klaus Sparwasser

Laos China Vietnam Thailand
60 Min.
SUB: German
Director: Dr. Klaus Sparwasser
Script: Karl Ammann, Nick Cockayne, Klaus Sparwasser
Cinematography: Karl Ammann, Jochen Blum, Steve Couri, Phillip Hattingh, J.J. Kelly, Klaus Sparwasser, Sergey Vasilyev
Editing: Tilman v. Hein, Stuart Smith
Music: Klaus Sparwasser, Sonoton
Narrator: Petra Rick + N.N.
Editor: N.N.
Producer: Dr. Klaus Sparwasser (perentie productions)
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2017
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