Galapagos - Wunder der Schöpfung (100 Jahre Sielmann)

Following the traces of Charles Darwin, Heinz Sielmann travelled to the bizarre volcanic islands of Galapagos. The film, which won multiple prizes, shows the unique fauna on Noah´s Pacific Ark. Having immigrated from the mainland, the different species gradually adapted to their new environment in the isolation and developed new species. With impressive images, this films depicts the huge breeding colonies of cormorants , encounters with trustful iguanas, sea lions and buzzards or explains the adaptation skills of giant saurians which- out of the need for food- became swimmers, i.e. marine saurians.

It introduces us to the Galapagos cormorant, a bird unable to fly, and to the so-called

Darwin finches with their differently shaped beaks: they inspired Charles Darwin to his history-making theory about the origins of the species.

Director: Heinz Sielmann

93 Min.
Director: Heinz Sielmann
Script: Walther Schneider
Cinematography: Heinz Sielmann, Klaus Philipp
Editing: Friedl Buckow-Schier
Music: Hans Posegga
Narrator: Robert Graf
Producer: Heinz Sielmann