Paris: City of Wildlife

Above the Rooftops

The name itself triggers our fantasies about the famous metropolis: Paris! Its abundant wildlife is less known: 2900 plant and animal species live here, often furtively. The film tracks them, showing the city's grandeur from a whole new perspective.

Director: Nicolas Cailleret

Director: Nicolas Deveaux

Director: Mathieu Giombini

Director: Frédéric Fougea

Director: Samuel Guiton

Director: Samuel Toutain

48 Min.
Director: Nicolas Cailleret, Nicolas Deveaux, Mathieu Giombini, Frédéric Fougea, Samuel Guiton, Samuel Toutain
Script: Buch: Frédéric Fougea, Gaïa Guasti, Guillaume Poyet
Cinematography: Mathieu Giombini, Lucas Allein, Pierre Baudais, Reynald Capurro, Nicolas Cailleret, Philippe Garguil, Arnaud Gervet, Samuel Guiton, Rémi Mestre, Samuel Toutain
Editing: n a
Music: Pierre Adenot
Narrator: Franz-Robert Wagner
Editor: Terra Mater Factual Studios
Producer: Eine Ko-Produktion von Terra Mater Factual Studios Boréales und Winds
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