Paris: City of Wildlife

Above the Rooftops

The name itself triggers our fantasies about the famous metropolis: Paris! Its abundant wildlife is less known: 2900 plant and animal species live here, often furtively. The film tracks them, showing the city's grandeur from a whole new perspective.

Director: Nicolas Cailleret

Director: Nicolas Deveaux

Director: Mathieu Giombini

Director: Frédéric Fougea

Frédéric Fougea is a French writer, director and producer of cinema and television. In 1989, he launched the series “Les Seigneurs des Animaux” which was a worldwide success. In 1991, with « Il danse pour ces Cormorans », he won 100 international prizes including an Emmy Award. Since his beginnings, Frédéric Fougea has been keen to bring science and knowledge within the reach of as many people as possible, through productions that are both educational and spectacular, and he never ceases to refine his technique as a storyteller by re-enchanting our link with the natural world.

Director: Samuel Guiton

Director: Samuel Toutain

48 Min.
Director: Nicolas Cailleret, Nicolas Deveaux, Mathieu Giombini, Frédéric Fougea, Samuel Guiton, Samuel Toutain
Script: Buch: Frédéric Fougea, Gaïa Guasti, Guillaume Poyet
Cinematography: Mathieu Giombini, Lucas Allein, Pierre Baudais, Reynald Capurro, Nicolas Cailleret, Philippe Garguil, Arnaud Gervet, Samuel Guiton, Rémi Mestre, Samuel Toutain
Editing: n a
Music: Pierre Adenot
Narrator: Franz-Robert Wagner
Editor: Terra Mater Factual Studios
Producer: Eine Ko-Produktion von Terra Mater Factual Studios Boréales und Winds
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