Saving Infinity

Return of the Spider Monkeys

As a baby Infinity, a black-handed spider monkey, was stolen from the Guatemalan jungle. 7 years later she returns to the wild with her baby and a group of orphaned monkeys. Will Infinity and her baby survive their newfound freedom?

Director: Michael J. Sanderson

Michael J. Sanderson

As one of the Netherlands' top wildlife filmmakers he started his career on the award-winning BBC series Smalltalk Diaries. In 2008, he pioneered the use of Red cameras for wildlife film and was one the first to build/use drones. In 2013 Michael filmed cinema film De Nieuwe Wildernis which is still the biggest Dutch nature film ever.
He filmed extensively in Latin America for BBC Planet Earth 2 (spider monkeys & river dolphins) and BBC Natural World. In 2014, he produced, directed, filmed and edited Barbary Macaques: The Paternal Bond for NHK and also filmed vital sequences for sequel to De Nieuwe Wildernis, Holland Natuur in de Delta released in cinemas in Sept 2015. In 2017, National Geographic Channel will broadcast his film Return of the Spider Monkeys in 4K, which he shot, directed, wrote and edited.

Netherlands Guatemala
44 Min.
Director: Michael J. Sanderson
Script: Michael J. Sanderson
Cinematography: Michael J. Sanderson
Editing: Michael J. Sanderson
Narrator: Hayley Atwell
Editor: National Geographic Channel
Producer: Michael J. Sanderson
Nominations: Best Newcomer 2017
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