The Hunt - Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek follows tigers, harpy eagles, chimpanzees, army ants and other predators as they rise to the challenge of hunting within the forest: a dense, confusing, three-dimensional world, one in which, even finding prey is a maddening task.

Director: Jonnie Hughes

United Kingdom Germany
43 Min.
Director: Jonnie Hughes
Script: Deutsche Bearbeitung: Beatrix Stoepel
Cinematography: Matt Aeberhard, John Aitchison, Sophie Darlinton, Alastair MacEwen, Jamie McPherson
Editing: Nigel Buck
Music: Steven Price
Narrator: Sascha Rotermund (Deutsche Fassung)
Editor: Tom McDonald, BBC; Ralf Quibeldey, NDR; Gabriele Conze, WDR; Christine Peters, BR
Producer: Alastair Fothergill - Silverback Films Ltd; Doclights GmbH / NDR Naturfilm
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2017
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